Thursday, November 5, 2015

Zhadsnark Da Rippa Scratchbuild TO DONE!

I have been lucky this past week.  I had a chance to play two games of Warhammer 40k and I have another one planned for Sunday!  I have been using the Bike list that I am taking to LVO so I can get as much practice in as I can.  I played a one-sided game against 'Nids (My Favor!) and a one-sided game against Tau (His Favor, Doh!).  Tau is a rough match up because of the ability to ignore cover that my bikes rely on and the low AP.  I got to see that new Tidewall so that was pretty cool.  I am gearing up for some Tau myself after I finish my LVO commitments.

One thing that I realized when I busted out the Orks for my first game in almost two months was that I am way behind on my painting for LVO.  February is just around the corner!  Halloween has gone and Thanksgiving (here in the States at least) is coming up fast.  I only have five weeks left of the semester at School!  I need to kick it up into high gear.
Well...crap.  That's a lot!

I decided to work on the Warboss and Zhadsnark to at least have half of my HQ's finished.  I have base colors on the Meganobz, Mad Doc, and about 25 more Tankbustas so there is some progress there as well.  A while back I made my own Wazzdakka Gutsmek scratch-build but I had made a mistake on it.  I primed it in bright red using Army Painter Demon Red.  I do not like this primer.  It sprays inconsistently and it goes on very thick.  A lot of the details on my Wazzdakka were hidden by the thick primer.  I decided to strip it using Non-Acetone fingernail polish remover diluted in water.  I have done this before with success on those blue Boyz.
Poor little guys.
This time however, the chemical  melted most of the model in about 45 minutes!  It was beyond saving.  I lost two Stormboyz as well.  This incident meant that I needed to make a brand new Wazzdakka, but since he is not in the Codex, I needed a Zhadsnark.  I started with a Deffkopta and just added bitz until I was happy.  Sadly, I do not have any WIP shots.  On the bright side, I finished painting him!

 I used a bunch of different parts on this guy.  The front fork were some Wrecking Ball arms off of the Trukk kit.  The Power Klaw is from the Meganobz kit.
Not sure where this piece came from...
I used a Tau gun that I got from somewhere and decided to paint it in the scheme that I will use on my Tau.  So I got to test it out a bit.  The gun fits perfectly over a Warbuggy gun mount so I did not have to magnetize.  If I have time, I will fix the weathering on the gun since it looks a little forced, but it is good enough for now.
A head from the Nob kit, I believe

I was happy to finish him as fast as I did.  Now I can move him to the finished side of the board.

The dark mud is supposed to be a tire track.  Might need to darken it up a bit...
I am loving the Typhus Corrosion to add grease on my engines and wheels.  It is becoming my favorite technical paint that GW makes.

So next up, I plan on finishing the Warboss and also Trukk number 2 before the end of the Month.  If I can do them quick, I will move onto the Meganobz.  I did get a bit distracted and finished one of my Ork-jective markers just for kicks.

Zhadsnark was number 4 on my painting goals so I am happy to give myself my first badge of the season:

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  1. Dat bike! So much dakka :-) I am looking forward to getting some more painting done after school finishes in 5 weeks, until then I am programming and reporting my guts out.

    1. Yeah, that's the light at the end of the tunnel, 5 weeks. Keep up the grind, it will be over soon.

  2. Nice one! i've got a similar defkopta-to-warboss-on-a-bike thing somewhere too. I really like what youve done though.

    1. I would love to see yours! Thanks for checking mine out.

  3. Nice bit of kit bashing there Mek very orkies