Friday, November 20, 2015

Trukk #2 -- To DONE!

Well, close enough for LVO.  I didn't do the driver or the gunner, but I will once (IF!) I catch up on my paint list.  Mad Dok has some real progress and I have started to base coat the first of the crap load of bikes that I have to do.  My last Trukk was the super rust bucket:

I decided to try a totally different approach to the second Trukk.
I started with GW Brass Scorpion over all of the metal except for the engine block, radiator, and ram.  I then dry brushed P3's Pig Iron over all of the metal, the same thing I did with my 'Ard Boyz a while back.
Then I cleaned up the tires and did a wash of Nuln Oil over the entire model.  After that I did the wraps on the roll bars and did a heavy dry brush of P3's Khador Red Base on all of the paneling.  The engine block was P3's Khador Red highlight.  The blue pieces were a heavy dry brush with P3's Cygnar Blue highlight.

Not bad at all, but I like the first one a bit better.  I might clean up some of the details if I catch up on my LVO rush.  More to come!


My son is super excited about Christmas this year and prompted me to come up with a Christmas themed Ork:  FATHER KRUMPSMAS!!

I need a reindeer squigg and an elf grot...


  1. I love the blue teef on the trukk :-)

  2. The truck looks great Mek, but Father Krumpsmas stole the show for me mate lol.

    1. Thanks, Frank. I loved making that piece for my son. I might hang it on our tree.