Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mad Dok Grotsnik TO DONE!


The most badass of badass Badasses, Mad Dok Grotsnik is a killing machine.  I run this guy in a Trukk with 4 Meganobz for some super fearless, rampage, feel no pain fun.  This close combat unit is super killey and very fun to play.  Most things will not survive more than one round of combat with these guys, but Mad Dok is the glue that holds this together.

I went a little more bloody than I usually do.  I feel that all of the blood fits the savage nature of the mini.
Do you 'ave an appointment?

Super fun model even if it is Finecast :)
I am happy with how it turned out.  I might rust up the arm a little before LVO but only if I have the time.  Next up are some Warbikers and I am probably going to do the next batch of Tankbustas.  This might change, however.  The ITC (Independent Tournament Circuit) does an update poll every quarter.  On the docket is whether or not to allow Big Mek Buzzgob's Kustom Stompa from Imperial Armor 8.  This would mean a huge points cost reduction and it would be really easy to fit a Kustom Stompa in my list.  Good thing I already had an extra Stompa that was missing an arm and missing a face...
I already cut out a space for the belly gun.
 So there is a chance that my list will change just a bit.  In the mean time I will just keep pushing on with my current paint list.  Just a bit over two months to go.  I have a long way to go still!  Comments are always welcome!  Give me a follow as well.  Thanks!


  1. Replies
    1. Time to work fast! Big Mek Stompa inbound!

  2. Go stompa go! (Make sure you use the 860 points for the stompa if LVO, and not the big mek buzz gob points!).

    Mad doc looks great!

    1. Tganks, Greg. The ITC had a vote and the Big Mek Stompa at a discounted points is legal for LVO!