Saturday, June 28, 2014

Blogs Without Borders 3

Being new to the hobby scene, I find blogs with a lot of great tutorial and WIP content to be extremely valuable.  One of my favorites comes from the War Teacher.  Check it out!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blogs Without Borders 2

This week another amazing blog full of eye-candy.  The models and painting featured on this blog are incredible.  I don't speak French, but I love me some great Hobby pictures.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Le Blog de Kouzes



Painting up some Boyz

So I decided to put away the knife and glue in favor of some paints and brushes.  I am still learning to paint and I do not yet have a wide variety of colors but I want my Boyz to look cool an the table top and basic primer is not cutting it any more.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blogs Without Borders

I am pretty new to this hobby and to blogging.  When I have time I like to search out new blogs for modeling ideas and hobby tips.  I have come across some amazing things out there on the interwebz and I want to take time to spotlight a few blogs that are amazing.

If you haven't seen this one check it out.

Colonel Winterborne

The amazing conversions and painting are something that should definitely be seen.  His use of green-stuff is out of this world.  I personally went back and read each and every post!  Keep it up Colonel!

Scratch Built Dakkajet

I have a strange relationship with my Father (who doesn't). We don't share many common interests. For some reason I decided to show him my new hobby. This was followed by him telling me all about his old WWII model plane collection he had when he was a kid. I felt like this could be an opportunity to bond over something which never happened when I was a kid. My Father is now in pretty poor health and is unable to leave his home without assistance.  I visit him about three times a week to do random chores and help him with his Facebook.  When the idea for modeling came up we brainstormed quite a bit and gathered a bunch of odds and ends to start the project with.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fluff for the Fluff God

  Rain began to fall in the valley.  Vile plumes of acrid smoke only just obscured the carnage that took place.  Thunderous volleys of gunfire, from weapons custom built to be as loud as possible, drowned out the screams of the dying and cries of defiance.  Lightning streaked across the sky turning the scene into one out of a nightmare.  The flaming carcass of a once majestic Raider cast eerie shadows through the smoke.  The Dark Eldar retreated, driven back by the green flood of Orks that still cried out for more battle.  The murderous red eyes of the Orks and the frenzy that they brought to bear proved too much for some of those trying to cover the escape.