Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fluff for the Fluff God

  Rain began to fall in the valley.  Vile plumes of acrid smoke only just obscured the carnage that took place.  Thunderous volleys of gunfire, from weapons custom built to be as loud as possible, drowned out the screams of the dying and cries of defiance.  Lightning streaked across the sky turning the scene into one out of a nightmare.  The flaming carcass of a once majestic Raider cast eerie shadows through the smoke.  The Dark Eldar retreated, driven back by the green flood of Orks that still cried out for more battle.  The murderous red eyes of the Orks and the frenzy that they brought to bear proved too much for some of those trying to cover the escape.

  It had been a close run affair.  The Eldar had only just learned of this forgotten moon in a far way corner of the star system.  Once a resource world for the Imperium rich with metals and equipment from centuries ago, this lone moon seemed an excellent target.  The Imperium only just rediscovered it and as such there was not a large force stationed here.  A small garrison of the Astra Millitarum oversaw the process to reopen the mines and salvage the equipment.  It was a certainty that the Empire would send more this way to properly defend such a valuable moon.  It was an opening the Dark Eldar would be foolish to pass up on.  However, they were unaware of the other inhabitants on the moon.  This small satellite of a gas giant was home to a rather dense population of Orks who had been riled by the sudden reintroduction of humans to their world.

  The battle was over.  The Orks drove the Dark Eldar before them their battle-lust never satisfied.  A towering figure of an Ork stomped his way toward his boyz intent on gathering them up less they give in to the foolish chase.  Big Boss Gorbachop was impressive in his Mega-Armor.  A powerful Klaw soaked red with the blood of these Dark Eldar almost seemed to move on its own accord, a hungry maw awaiting the next taste of flesh.  The leader of the Grim Blud Klan, Gorbachop was a monstrous sight to behold his tusk filled mouth stretched his face into an permanent grimace.  The scars from countless battles adorned his face and arms.  Gorbachop was indeed blessed by Gork for his sheer amount of Brutality that manifested on the battlefield.  As the Big Boss bellowed orders the Loota boyz with their retinue of Grotz were already picking through the wreckage.  Raiders, Ravagers, Wagons and bikes had all been smashed apart in the hard-fought battle.  The Dark Eldar appeared to have the upperhand from the start of the engagement, lance weapons ripping apart Wagons and Trukks with ease.  Yet the sheer number of Orks began to overwhelm the small raiding party and the tides of battle swept away the Dark Eldar despite their heavy losses.

  Looking over the battle field on the top of the rise was a grotesque figure.  More machine than Ork, the Big Mek known as Screwbitz assessed the time it would take to repair all of the Wagons needed to assault the human's garrison.  Called the Mad Mek by most, Screwbitz was the undisputed leader of the force.  Gorbachop was the general but all listened to Screwbitz.  Possessed of Cunning beyond all other Orkz, Screwbitz told his forces where to strike and when.   It is said that the Mad Mek can make any piece of scrap into a perfect weapon.  His creations had given the force all the power needed to absorb all of the Klanz in the area into one.  In addition to Gorbachop's Grim Bludz there was also the Burning Teef, The 'Andz of Gork,  the Deff Boyz as well as numerous smaller tribes that had eagerly joined the cause.  It was Screwbiz that first led the force to the Farmin' Hole, the ancient human mine that was filled with resources and old machinery.  It was Screwbitz that armed his force with the most powerful and dangerous weapons on the planet.  It was Screwbitz who figured out how to repower the outposts distress communication system, lighting a signal fire for whatever might be out there.  Drawing in new enemies like a moth to the flame.  The Eldar were not the first that "stumbled" upon the lost moon.  The Mad Mek ensured they would not be the last.

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