Sunday, June 22, 2014

Painting up some Boyz

So I decided to put away the knife and glue in favor of some paints and brushes.  I am still learning to paint and I do not yet have a wide variety of colors but I want my Boyz to look cool an the table top and basic primer is not cutting it any more.


by WickedStar

Blue?  I'm kidding!  I got a collection from a guy on Craigslist and most of the Boyz had this ice blue skin.  I have been soaking them in Simple Green to remove that paint but some of them have paint under the paint!  So after I use a toothbrush to take off the blue paint and black primer I am finding another layer of RED primer. Sheesh!  There is no way I am running with these caked on blue Boyz so I needed to start fresh.

My first batch of ten shoota Boyz are in Big M's man room at the moment.  I took some pictures on my phone but they were very blurry.  So here is my second attempt.

I used Waagh Flesh for the base and dry-brushed Goblin Green.  Pig Iron (From P3) on the weapons.  Scorched Brown on the leather belts and straps.  I did not do all of these guys at exactly the same time so some of their clothes are a bit different as I decided to mix paint to find a color and I wasn't able to duplicate it the next time I sat down to paint.  Lesson learned:  No more mixing!  Bel Tian Green to wash the skin and Nuln Oil to wash the rest.  I wanted to add a bit of a Death Skulls element to my Mob since that Klan fits in with the fluff of Big Mek Screwbitz so I played araound with different details in MaCragge Blue.  I wanted to push myself so I did some face paint.

I found an ancient box of model Railroad ballast in my Mother-in-Law's craft cabinet and I will be using that for a rocky base.

Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Waaaaaagggghhhh!!!!!!

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