Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wazzdaka Gutsmek

This 40k thing is really starting to get out of hand.  I picked up about 1500 points worth of Boyz and Nobz with some other goodies from Craigslist for a pretty good deal.  Out of that I ended up with 3 more Warbikers bringing me to a total of nine with three more needing to be built.  I have yet to run Bikerz but I wanted to give myself the opshun.  I really loved the fluff of Wazzdaka Gutsmek from the Ork dex.  As you probably know there is no official model for Wazzdaka and the amount of Scratch-building creativity on the interwebz is AMAZING.  My favorites are from Sam Terry and I pretty much love anything from Irondog Studios.  I figured it was time for the Mad Mek to try his Klaw at good ol' Wazzy.

Like many before me I started with a Deff Kopta as the base for the bike.  My biggest challenge was the the model was already put together completely and primed.

I cut off the blades and the rotor as well as the rear stabilizer wings and the skids.  The pilot lost his head and left arm. I also shaved down the tips off the twin-linked Rokkits to make room for Wazzdaka's gun.

Wazzdaka is heavy with lots of gun, so I went with a Trike design.  I found these wheels at my Dad's, "donated" by my Nephew.  I imagine they came off a monster truck of some kind.

I used the propeller blades from the Kopta to form the front fork.  I also had to add the extra handle bar from where the original pilot took it with him.

The front tire was from another toy and putting it on was the hardest part of this project.  I wanted the front tire to roll just like the back ones.  Two choppas stick out of the sides and they spin too.  The face is from the Stompa kit and was the perfect size.  I change my original plan on making the missle shafts into the gunz on the trike.  I used the exhaust from the Trukk kit and added some more to it.

I am missing a few of my WIP pics so we now time travel to primed.

I used Army Painter Pure Red to prime this guy since that will be the main color on the bike.  As you can see the second Trukk exhaust was added as well as some converted shootas.

The Power Klaw was made from a Nob big choppa and I used a screamin Nob head.  I added the three skulls from the fluff.

I am very happy with this project.  Mainly because the blades on the front tire spin but I liked the research and the model.  Time to go Klaw some of my good friend Big M's Dark Eldar!  Waaagh!

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