Saturday, May 10, 2014

WOW! I have been busy!

During my way too long absence from the blog I have been working on tons of stuff for my Orks.  I traded some Magic cards to my local shop to pick up a battleforce and a few boxes of Lootas and Grots.  Despite having "real" models I am still scratch building away and I have some projects I wanted to share.  I made two Battlewagons and an Orky Aegis defense line with quad gun.

I modeled it with two Big Shootas and a Deff Rolla. 

The cab is from a thermostat box.  The Big Shoota on the left is a straw with a rubber gasket on the from attached to half of and Angry Birds Star Wars capsule.  The rolla is from a paper towel roll with bits of sprue glued on.  My hot glue gun is my best friend.

Even the back has some attitude!  The treads are made from the inside of a sheet of cardboard.  I will keep using this idea.


Every Battlewagon is unique and this is no exception.

This one has the Deff Rolla (because it is my favorite thing in the Ork Codex) a Big shoota coming out of the "eye" and a Boarding plank.

Again I used the inside of cardboard to make the tracks and random computer pieces for the arms to hold the rolla and the front tires.  The Shoota comes from an old toy that I might salvage once my 3 year old stops playing with it.  Super Kudos to you if you recognize it.


A grot on a Quad gun is a beautiful thing.  Being able to have an answer to Flyers is huge for Orks.  That said I wanted to make my own Aegis after borrowing my friends.

Big M. donated some extra Tau stuff which was perfect for my Quad gun.  I just put them together.  One was cut up but it doesn't really matter to Da Mad Mek.

The base is a dimmer switch with a base and a gear drive from the computer bits box.

The bottom of the base is a cap from a juice bottle attached to the nose of a small toy tractor that my son broke.  I used the grill from the Trukk in my Battleforce to add the armor.  The coolest part is that the gun actually turns!

The Aegis is just cardboard cut into Orky shapes.  The dimensions are exact.

Hope it was worth the wait.  Coming up I have a Bat Rep and a scratch Dakkajet in the works.  I am also making some Grot tanks and some Killa Kanz and....

Thank for reading.  Comments are welcome!

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