Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Deff Dread

I recently took apart an old computer from the year 2000 and found all sorts of shiny bits to add to my collection.  Tons of shiny doo-dads and whatchamacallits just ripe for making killy stuff.  Plenty of projects are going to come from this but I decided to start with a Deff Dread.  Da Mad Mek Screwbitz is my Warboss so I wanted to benefit from his troop choice.

So many bits....

Lots of stuff going on here.  I used an old camera for the main body.  I built the arms out of cardboard.  The legs are straws wrapped in cardboard attached to an f6 and an f11 key.  The Power Klaw is from an screw anchor and cardboard and the buzzsaw is a gear from the cd drive.  The teeth are from a broken sand toy.  The base is the corrct size and I made that from cardboard as well.

Pretty goofy but once it was primed it looked tough as nails.

I covered the lens to the camera once I primed it to keep the shine on the lens.  2CCW and a Big Shoota and Rokkits. 

The missals were left over from the Looted Rhino and the gun was from my buddy M's bit box.  I also gave it a dual exhaust pipe.

This was a fun project and I need to make more.  I got a lot of inspiration from a video from The Nerdy Half.  I made the arms and the base from this video.  Any feedback is always welcomed and thanks for checking this out.

Da Mad Mek

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