Monday, April 14, 2014

Kit Bash!

The Mad Mek is back with a tasty kit bash today.  To help me get into the game my good friend J. gave me a wonderful piece to work with:

Yup, that's a drop pod.  Orks don't use drop pods that I know of so I had to get a bit creative.  Much like Rodin, I knew there was some Orky goodness trapped inside this space marine stuff.

My friend J. gave me the starting place, "Why don't you turn it sideways with an Ork on top and say it's a Dakkajet?"

WE HAVE A WINNER!  I proceeded to Ork this thing up.

I decided to use the doors as wings and very quickly came up with the "X" wing idea.

I used the support beams along the bottom to... well, to give it support.  The wings were a bit heavy so I added some cut sprue to sturdy it up a bit.

Next I needed some Supa Shootas:

 I wanted large Gatling guns so I built these using straws from computer cleaner cut in half surrounding a regular sized straw.

Then came the pilot.  I used the drop pod harness to give him a strapped in look

Time to add the Dakka

I put some axe blades to make a trophy area behind the pilot.  You can see it if you look close.

You guessed it; I used the interior turbine to create my jet engine.  I placed it on the top to avoid ground fire :)

All I need now is some paint!  DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!

I got some more things in the works.  I will have more soon.  Thanks for reading.

P.S. Yes, those were some Hordes minis in the background of the first few pics.

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