Monday, October 19, 2015

Ork Trukk Progress

After I finished the first 10 Tankbustas, I decided to paint up their ride.  A little bit of progress during mid-term examinations never hurt!

Vroom! Vroom!

I went a little crazy with the rust, but I wanted to try out some different things.  This Trukk was one I picked up in a trade, but I didn't like the old paint job.  I like a colorful yet gritty approach (Maybe?), so I needed to basically start over without taking the time to strip the old paint.

Soooo much rust!

I started by covering up all of the old metal with P3's Pig Iron.  Then I went crazy with the Ryza Rust from GW.  I did the engine block with Khador Red Highlight (P3) to get a Chevy Orange thing going on as a nod to my mechanic (Mek!) brother.  I added some greasy weathering to the block and the drive train (no pictures of the bottom) using Typhus Corrosion over a bit of Nuln Oil to rally dirty it up.  After I hit the rust I started adding the MacCragge Blue to the panels, I was going for new paint on a crappy car type of vibe.

Freehand?  Say What?
I like using different blue colors since I think Orks would use whatever they had around and wouldn't really care about paint marching.  I like how it turns out.

Oi Knowz deez sticks aint stuck to nuffin!
The driver was not glued in place and he doesn't line up with the slots for his chair so that is a bit awkward.  The window screen also popped off but I have that lying around, hopefully that will hide the pretend steering thing I got going on.

All I need to do on this is to darken up the rust effects on the exhaust pipe, put some contrasting wash on the rivets, add a few red details (Mephiston Red!), and touch up any mistakes and this Trukk will be good to go.  I still have 4 more to do for my LVO list but this was a pretty quick job compared to how long the Tankbustas took.  Any comments and advice are welcome.  Tanks for checking it out!


  1. Great use of the different colours :) I love it, the structure and your skill painting. Great work bro ^^

    1. Thanks, Benjamin. I always try to do new things. I still have so much to learn. I really appreciate the feedback.

  2. Looking great buddy! Nice use of checkers!

    1. Thanks, Greg. Practice, practice, practice. I want to start using more stuff like that in my army.