Friday, September 2, 2016

2015/2016 Hobby Challenge results

I am a few days behind, but I wanted to go over the progress I made during the last Hobby season.  Dave Weston of 40k Addict puts forth a hobby season challenge every year to help motivate our community to paint.  If you want to check out some amazing Tyranids and Dark Angels, go visit his page!  Last August I laid out my hobby goals for the year and I made some progress.  Walk with me down memory lane.

 Here was my proposed list.

I divided my list into painting goals and modeling goals.  Let's see how I did.

Painting 40 Tankbustas.  My list at the time for LVO was running 40 Tankbustas, but it later changed to only run 20.  I finished the 20 but never updated my goal so I will give myself minor credit.
Painting 5 Trukks.  I finished the Trukks that I needed for LVO!  TO DONE!
Mad Dok Grotsnik and Mega Nobz.  TO DONE!

Zhadsnark Da Rippa (Kustom)  TO DONE!
20 Warbikerz TO DONE!

10 Lootas TO DONE!

Before I knew that I could use it at LVO, I planned o finish a BIg Mek Stompa.  TO DONE!
I also finished the Deff Dread and the Weirdboy, but not the shoota boyz so minor credit here.
(I need to take some pictures...)

So out of 8 goals, I finished 6 plus two minor achievements!  Not bad!

For my modeling goals, I did not fare as well.  I did finish three of the six objective markers and the Painboy on a bike.  So I only hit 1.5 of 8.  I need to get back into modeling.

I also finished a bunch of random stuff not on the list.  I will set my new goals for the year soon.  I am going to LVO again, but this time I am doing the narrative event instead of the champs.  Thanks for checking it out. 



  1. Well done on what you got done Mek, I look forward to seen what you want to do for the next year.

    1. Thanks Frank. I am working on a list and I will post it soon.