Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016/2017 Hobby Season To Do List

The 2016/2017 Hobby Season is here!  I was very pleased with my results from last season.  I managed to achieve the majority of  my painting goals, however, modeling took a backseat for most of the year.  Here is what I will be working on for this season:'

1.  20 Tankbustas.  My original LVO list ran 40 Tankbustas, but I changed the list to only include 20.  I gave myself minor progress for only painting half of what I committed to last season, so now I want to complete the goal.

2.  Kill Team Cassius.  I split the Deathwatch: Overkill box a while back and so far I have managed to only paint one of the models.  I want to finish the squad this season.

3.  Voidshield Generator.  I want to scratch-build and paint a voidshield..

4.  Skyshield Landing Pad.  I really wanted to do this project last season, but I kept putting it off.  Hopefully I can knock it out this time.

5.  Dreadtober.  Last year I missed out on Greggles Dreadtober event so I want to get in on it this year.  Broken Paintbrush is running it this time around.  I have a few rescue Deff Dreads in pieces that I know I can use to make something neat.

6.  20 Lootas.  Time to paint my Lootas!

7.  Battlewagon.  I have been running tons of Trukks recently and I want to have a heavier option.

8.  Ghazghkull.  Time for the biggest badass in the galaxy to get some love.

9.  10 Flashgitz.  I love these models.  Time to get them painted

10.  Kaptain Badrukk.  Since I am doing the Flashgitz anyway...

11.  Big Mek w/ Shokk Attack Gun on a Bike.  Really want to do this!  Why did I put it off?

12.  Other Stompa.  I started to basecoat my original Stompa almost a year ago.  Time to get him finished.

I decided to combine painting and modeling this time.  My goals seem pretty attainable.  Hopefully I can start making some progress soon.  I do need to come up with a nice fluffy list for the LVO solo narrative in February, so I might change one or two things on my list.  Thanks for checking it out...

How did I forget?


That is the most important thing on my list!  I have seen some amazing conversions out there and I want to make my own.  My poor Knight has been sitting in a drawer still on the sprue.

13.  Looted Knight.



  1. Good luck with your projects this year. I want to see that looted knight! I still haven;t decided what to do for Dreadtober this year, I already have 6 marine dreadnoughts...

  2. Good luck with it Mek & if you need some encouragement I've got 2 of my deathwatch marine's painted so your behind mate lol

  3. Hey champ, we haven't heard from you for a while. I hope everything is ok, we miss your orky madness ;o)

    1. I'm still around. School and work are killing my free time. Thanks for checking in on me.

  4. Like Marc said, how are you bro? I hope fine :)

    1. Still here. Super busy with school and work. Thanks for checking on me.