Thursday, May 28, 2015

Painting Warhammer 40k Orks in 7th Edition 40k Battle Report style. WAAGH! (or; how to leverage keywords).

It sure has been a while.  Sorry to be gone so long.  Thanks for checking in on me.  So. What's new? Me? Well, Uhhhhh.... Hmmm....  Oh!  I have been working, slowly, on my May commitment for the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge.  I almost forgot what it was it has been so long.

2.5 because I base coated that guy a while back.

The deadline for May is this Sunday at midnight!  Holy crap! Why am I writing this post instead of painting?  Well, I did miss all of you who would comment regularly.  What brought me back to the blog was a nice comment I got from Edward on one of my older posts.  It reminded me of how excited I would get over feedback from like-minded enthusiasts.  So I think its time to make this a regular thing (At least until the semester starts).  I just really have some detail work to finish up, so it shouldn't be too long.  I want to knock out the bases tonight after I post.  It is probably only about 4 hours of work worst case so I should get it in on time.  Here is where I'm at:

Deff Dread

I'm probably furthest away from finishing this guy.  I need to finish up the wires, add a third shade of blue to tie it in with my Gorkanaut and dirty him up.  If I have time I will add some sponge weathering.

Weirdboy #1
Something seems different....
 This guy from GW's fantasy line, has a deathwish.  I have dropped him on the floor THREE times.  Every time he explodes into different pieces.  I think this guy might just end up on eBay when it is all said and done.  On the plus side, It made painting the snake way easier with his head off.  I did a traditional coral snake pattern because it looks soooo creepy in real life.  A few details on the severed head, re-touch the piercings, and some glue will finish him up quick.
Can't seem to get a head!

Weirdboy #2

This wonderful model is from Avatars of War, a company based in Spain.  All sorts of great details are on this model.  The one compaint is that his front foot seems to be miscast.  The details of his toes do not match the picture of the model on their website.  I might have to use the basing to hide his foot.  All I need here is to fix the pants, and finish the different fetishes on the cloak.

Weirdboy #3

I really love the idea of daemon summoning Orks.  The way I see it, is that mainly the Orks summon daemons just so they always have something to fight.  I converted this guy from the Demon of the Woods model from Spellcrow along with some wings from the GW possessed kit.  The halberd is from the Max-Mini Bad Ass Orc Biker set.

Just a few more highlights for the loincloth and I want to pick out the arcane runes on his skin in a contrasting color so they really pop.  Thanks for checking it out.  Any comments are much appreciated.  


  1. The Avatars of War figure looks sooo cool. You're right though, there is something wrong with that foot. It almost looks like it is meant to be part of his clothes. It's good to hear from you again, btw ;-)

    1. Thanks, Marc. I can't seem to make that foot look right. Time to hide it with some flock. Lol

  2. I love your idea of ork's summoning deamon just so they can have someone to fight LOL keep up the god work Mek

    1. I know! Soon Orky. The only downside is now I have to buy and paint some demons. So much to do.

  3. I played stephen's daemon summoning ork list at LVO. It was really nasty. I poured everything I had into that unit of weirdboyz to stop it. Lots of tanking wounds. (he used ardboyz and a painboy with the weird boyz, so it was tough to put wounds on them!).

    Love the deff dread. Such a great pose!!!

    1. Sounds pretty cool. I've wanted to try that since the book came out. Guess I'll need to get some demons. :)