Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting back into the swing of things.

A big thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  It has been a very unreal experience for me but I feel like I have been getting back into a "normal" rhythm.  I have been slowly keeping up with my IC's Hobby Progress Challenge commitment, which is the Dakka Pod for the month of April.  Other than that...

I started working on some Mek Gunz.  I saw a video that turned one Mek Gun kit and one Trukk kit into 4 Mek Gunz so I thought I would give it a try.  I built one complete Mek Gun from the kit ans mashed up some bits to make another one.
Original Recipe, Traktor Flavor

Cheap Copy, Bubble Chucka Flavor
I also finally got a Mad Dok Grotsnik model and put that together as well.
I always wanted this guy!
My main focus now is to finish this month's challenge.  I have about 7 days to get it finished, but it is all just detail work from here on out and to finish the flying base.

If I have time, I want to do hazard stripes along the door edges/wings but even if I don't finish that part by the end of the month I might still go back and do it.  Thanks for checking it out. 


  1. Great use of a drop pod mate, if you have enough of them a quick way to do the strips is the one's of the transfare sheets.

  2. Drop pod is freaking awesome. Glad to see mad doc show up! He's awesome now!