Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Loads of stuffs

Busy week for Da Mad Mek!  I started taking classes online to finally finish my degree.  Also, my boss quit and moved away so I am having to split his workload with the other manager.  Little time left for hobby progress but I wanted to give a bit of an update.

I wanted to finish off the battle report from a few posts back:

Orks v. Necrons 1400 points: Da Results


Necron Warriors soften up the Ork command squad with Immortals as backup.


The Monolith finally managed to deepstrike next to Warboss Gorbachop and proceeded to thin down his 'Ard Boyz.  Gorbachop struck back with his Power Klaw and exploded the Monolith.

This group of 'Ard Boyz ended up having to chop through 26! Scarab bases.  There was a Spider on the other side of the wall adding more every trun.

In the end the Orkz won a close victory 14- 12. We were running Eternal War mission as Primary (Crusade) with Maelstrom as Secondary.

I also decided to treat my self to a quitting smoking present so I picked up these:

Nom. Nom. Nom

These are the Gnaws from Kromlech.  REALLY COOL.  They are resin and have great details.  I am planning on using them as Bomb Squigs for my Tankbusta squads for the '14/'15 Season.  I already primed them so they are ready to paint.

The shipping was super fast considering these guys came from Poland all the way to Texas.  Kromlech also threw in a free Painboy Head!  Now I know what to use on my next biker Dok:

I also got two test Nobz finished.  I took pictures with the good camera but I am missing the cord to upload them.  Here is a poor phone shot:

So I am getting some progress despite being so busy so that's a good thing.  Oh! I also got a bit distracted:

My super supportive wife gave me a Blitza-Bomber kit for my birthday!  I finished putting it together last night (pics to come) and Big M. gave me a Nob kit which will come in handy for my 4 distinct Nobz goal of the Season.  Thanks for checking it out and remember the all progress is moving forward.


  1. Gorbachop! Mate, hot tea just went up my nose. You ork players never fail to amaze me :-)

    1. Thanks! Glad I could give you a laugh. Hope you didn't burn yourself, though. :-)