Monday, August 25, 2014

Times they are a'Changin'

I'm gearing up for a new season of hobby progress.  Mad Mek Screwbitz and his Waagh need some serious paint brush lovin'.  I mentioned last time that I was going to adopt prolific hobby meister, Dave Weston's approach and divide things up by season.  Starting August 28th I will have a huge hobby list that will hopefully allow me to focus and make up some ground.

Also,  I originally wanted this blog to be more about scratch-building since I was reluctant to invest too much, but that kind of fell by the wayside.  I plan on having a series about scratch built and cheaply converted models as well as a general kit-bash and kustomization focus as well.  Modeling is my favorite part of the hobby, but I am starting to like painting.  I will post at least once a week starting on the 28th with my list of projects.

I am going to be a very busy Mek in the upcoming months and I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew.  I do believe that with proper time management I can do all of the things that I want to do.  In addition to my normal Restaurant Management gig I decided to go back to college and today was my first day.  I am only doing on-line courses but it is still a pretty heavy workload after 15 years of rust.  I never finished my degree but I want to do something other than my Restaurant Management gig.  I must really like to be busy!

I have been knocking out a few hobby projects and I will get back to a more regular breakdown of what I am doing.

In the Before Time (pre-7th edition Orks) the Long-Long-Ago, the Greenskins had in their arsenal a weapon of terrifying magnitude.  It was a weapon that could destroy tanks and infantry with equal ease.  It was my favorite piece of equipment in the entire codex!  I speak of course of the mighty Deff Rolla.  A giant spikey steam roller that gave Orks a much needed weapon against other Tanks and a way to knock opposing armies off of objectives.  Gone are the days of D6 Strength 10 AP - hits!  I built 5 different Battlewagons out of both cardboard and reclaimed toys.  Four of these Wagons I modeled with Deff Rollas.  Now I will need to make some new ones with Rams and Rokkits (Rokkits are super good now I like to take four on a Wagon full of Lootas!).  The bright side is that none of my Wagon cost very much since I am always looking for a deal.

Wally World Special
    This nice little toy I actually found in my Good Pal Big M.'s backyard full of bite marks from the Husky.  I thought that it would be perfect for a Battlewagon!

It is just a tad bit bigger than a normal Wagon but I think it looks good and it fits the fluff of scavenged earth movers from an abandoned industrial moon.  The spikes are all cardboard and of course the Deff Rolla is a tube from a paper towel roll with sprue glued on.  I actually liked the bottom in Yellow so I primed the top seperate and used the original screws to put it back together.  I only wish that the sound machine still worked because the "tractor" noises of the original toy are actually pretty appropriate.

I also had a chance to start a 1500 point game this week.  Big M. and I will usually paly a game over the course of 2-3 nights to fit in with our schedules.  We decided to do Eternal War as Primary and Maelstrom as secondary.  Emperor's Will and the Maelstrom mission where you get an extra card each turn (I really need my own rulebook). M. is on Necrons pretty hard right now and he was running 3 six-base scarab swarms as well as the spider that I got him for his birthday.  He also brought a squad of Immortals and Annihilation Barge and a Monolith.  Two warrior squads and a ... Cryptek?  I think thats what it is called.

Necrons take the Manifactorum
I brought the Ork Horde Detachment with two Painboyz and a Warboss with 'eavy armor, Da Finkin' Cap and a Power Klaw.  2 'Ard Boy units of 30 with 3 Rokkits and a Big Choppa Nob in each and a unith of 30 Shoota Boyz in T-shirts. 1 Dakkajet, 8 Lootas and a Trukk with 5 Burna Boyz in it.

Why is dat boy in pink?

I used Da Finkin' Cap to get an extra roll on the Strategic table and got the Infiltrate option and the -1 to reserve rolls.  Lucky for me M. wanted to deepstrike his Monolith.  Turn 1 was pretty uneventful on both sides but we are set up for a nice brawl in the middle.  I'll have more when we actually get to finish.  Thanks for reading.   

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