Monday, August 18, 2014

Hobby Progress Part Deux

Another post with almost no progress to speak of.  This has been a pretty frustrating time for Da Mad Mek.  The medication I have been on has the strange side-effect of making me not want to do anything other than sleep.  I did start to make some trays to carry my painted boyz out of some scrap foam but I have made zero progress on my list. 

I felt like I need a bit of an extra push to get me out of my prescription induced malaise.  How lucky for me that a blog I follow is coming up on the end of its hobby season.

Dave Weston over at Confessions of a 40k Addict is an amazing hobbyist and craft some of the most beautiful Tyranids out there (yes beautiful and Tyranids).  Dave is coming to the end of his hobby year and is getting motivated to knock out projects.  I think I will try to align my hobby progress with Mr. Westons and starting the 28th of August I will go into the 2014/15 season with a nice to do list and clear goals.

Courtesy of Dave Weston

I will soon have a big picture list for my upcoming hobby goals.  Every time I finish something I will get to stamp it off my list!  Just a nice extra bit to help motivate.  As always feel free to leave comments. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for having a crack at this, hopefully it will help but remember it's just a focus and if you do something else or don't get round to completing something it's no bother. I've go stuff on my list that's been there for years, slowly but surely I'll get it done.

    Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing your list on the 28th but remember the most important thing is to go with the flow and if at the moment your body is saying 'sleep' not 'hobby' then get in the rest while you can. I've pretty much been on 5 hours sleep a night for the past year, before that 6 hours. This is mainly hobby induced but even the nights I stop painting by 11 I'll mooch around for an hour or so.

    however, one last tip, for kickstarting your hobby mojo, those times where you are least inclined to do painting or hobby related stuff, well they're the best times to do the tedious things - base coats, undercoats, cleaning mold lines, adding sand to your bases. Even if you just do one model it's using your bad hobby mojo for the dull tasks so that when you have good mojo it can be used on the fun jobs, whatever you find most rewarding. It's not so much 'make hay while the sun shies' as 'make silage while the shit flows' ;) All the best.

  2. Hey thanks for checking out my blog. The hobby is the part of the game that I have the most fun with so despite some setbacks I would like to get pumped up again. I am definitely just going to be using it to stay a bit more focused and to "kickstart my mojo" Thanks for the advice and keep on putting out great content on your site. Thanks again!