Monday, August 4, 2014


So this was a very eventful week for me.  Unfortunately, nothing was actually hobby related.  Three things in particular shaped my week.

1.  I quit smoking!  I have been smoking for 20 years and decided to finally kick the habit so my Son will not have to see his Father fall apart.  Quitting smoking sucks.  90% of my thoughts have to deal with smoking but I have pushed past the part where I sabotage myself and got past the hump.  The first 3 days are the worst and you have the "crazies."  You mind will try to justify smoking in the strangest ways as your body goes through the nicotine withdrawal.  6 days in and I feel better already!

2.  I say Guardians of the Galaxy.  GREAT SUMMER MOVIE!  Go see it if you haven't.

3.  I was in  a automobile accident.  No one was seriously hurt, but I damaged my sternum and as a consequence, am in a lot of pain.  My family was very lucky to come out as well as we did and this incident just helps me want to quit smoking even more.  If we can leave the world so easily it doesn't make sense to do it slowly and deliberately.

As my thoughts turn back into sanity, and my body begins to recover, I plan on making some serious progress.  I will definitely have something new to add soon and will be able to cross some stuff off the list.  Thanks for reading!  Comments are always welcome.  I am always looking to follow blogs so if you have one let me know and I will check it out.

Here are some random pics!

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  1. 1. good luck quitting, I've never smoked, I always wanted to feed my other addictions - GW, books, video games. I could never justify the expense and I was one of those gullible kids that always believed those educational drama groups that said 'don't smoke' or 'don't do drugs'. So I don't quite know what you're going through but I applaud your effort to take control and quite the habit.

    2. It is indeed a great film, the best new release of the year I feel.

    3. Having been in a car accident of my own in the late 90's and lost friends and family to the automobile I can only wish you a speedy recovery and hope that the trials and trauma of the event are overcome and things return to normal.