Monday, May 2, 2016

3rd party Hobby Progress

Greetings!  Sorry that it has been a while since I last posted.  #reasons  I have been working on a few projects this past month and I am actually surprised how much I got done.  I am a little disorganized as of late, bouncing from project to project, but I always say "All progress is progress."  Over on the 1 Hour a Night group on Facebook I committed to doing 10 old style Stormboyz for the month, but it was hard since I ended up with so many goodies that I couldn't stay away from.

These metal/plastic hybrids are pretty cool, but they are not in the same league as the new sculpts from GW.   I converted up a Nob with a Power Klaw to lead these guys into the fray.

The hardest part about this was keeping on task.  I picked up stuff from Kromlech, Spellcrow, and Models and Minis.  I want all the Resin!


This is a new kit from Kromlech and I really liked the way it looked.  I decided to get it as a Trukk variant.  The options and bitz that come with this kit are mind-blowing.

  It is a wee bit smaller than the GW Trukk but I like it.  I have used Kromlech before but I did have more bubbles and mold line issues with this kit than I have ever seen before.  The worst part was the tips of the Rokkits all had bubbles so little divots are there instead of a point.  Another Kromlech issue is that no instructions are included with any of their kits so you need to compare pictures from their website.  Aside from those minor things the Blitzkrieg 222 Assault Vehicle is a great little model.


I have always wanted to get some Grot Tanks and when I saw these from Models and Minis I knew that I had to have them.  The price point is fantastic!  I tried a different approach to these using a heavy dry-brush and only minimal panel work.

Plenty of weapon options were included, but I was lazy and did the whole squad with Grotzookas instead of magnetizing.  The plastic is good with only a few minor bubbles.  The only mold line issues were on a few of the gun options but no more than you would find on a GW kit.


I won some store credit from a raffle to Spellcrow and I picked up their Nurgle style Demon Prince for a friend but I also got this tree that I fell in love with.  Yes.  A tree.

I loved working on this.  Super cool.  I think my best work comes out on Spellcrow models for some reason.  Great sculpt and they threw in a bunch of extra stuff in my order.  I also picked up their Old School Orc that I want to get working on.

GW makes amazing stuff (New Orruks! OMG!), but there are many other cool companies out there.  Kromlech is probably the best for 3rd party Ork stuff but Models and Minis has some neat looking stuff too.  They are a much smaller company and they are US based.  Spellcrow has great Space Marine and Chaos stuff.  Next up for me is a focus on the Deathwatch Box.  I need to learn how to paint faces and eyes on the humans which is really hard!  Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Oh man, I am such a sucker for those kinds of kits. I totally get your love for that tree, the little details are fantastic and must have been so much fun to paint (especially the fungi on the trunk!). You have done a wonderful job with it.

    1. Thanks, Marc. I had a lot of fun with it. I looked at around a hundred different pictures of forest mushrooms to find the color scheme that I wanted.

  2. You seem to be knocking a lot of fun out of da ork's Mek which is as it should be, good work & loving the tanks.

    1. Thanks, Frank. I have been getting a lot finished lately. Now that school is over I want to do more!

  3. Really funny, and good job on these unique models ;)


    1. Thanks, Ben! I am getting the conversion itch again so hopefully more unique stuff shows up soon.