Sunday, May 8, 2016

40k Terrain

Hello!  I have been slowly working on a Trukk Boy squad but I keep getting distracted.  My plan is to knock out the core choices from the new "Orkurion" style detachment.  I plan on having 66 boyz, 9 Nobz, a Mek, 7 Trukks, and a Warboss (I already have enough grots done).  In addition to the grots, I have 3 painted Trukks a unit of Trukk boyz with a Nob.  I have a ton of eBay boyz that need to be touched up so that was my plan.  Then I split the Renegades box...

Now that the semester is finished, I plan on knocking out at least one Ork commitment and then an extra project (meaning finishing the Deathwatch:Overkill stuff).  Now I got a good start on the Trukk boyz squad.  I really did!  Then my buddy told me that the Knights came in.  I am going to make an Ork Knight.  I will ally him in with the Renegade rules, but I plan on Orking the s*!t out of it, lol.  My pal kept the upgrade sprue and I took the building.  *Cue lack of willpower*

So after work the other day, I decided to build the terrain.  I wanted something tall and I wanted a balcony.  Those were the only parameters that I set for myself:

I basically copied the tutorial from Warhammer TV on Youtube.  Prime black, base with Skavenblight Dinge, wash with Nuln Oil (I mixed a few touches of Seraphim Sepia at random while the wash was wet), Dry-brush with Ushabti Bone.  The floors were P3's Pig Iron, Nuln Oil wash (again with the random sepia), Dry-brush with Chainmail.  The door was Brass Scorpion, Nuln/Sepia wash, Dry-brush Chainmail.  I started picking out a few of the buttons for a little variation.  If I wanted I could go back an pick out a few more things but I want the model to be a bit muted to not steal the show on the table.  I want the units to pop so I feel like the building is understated enough.

Another think I worked on instead of Orks was part of my Crashed Aquila Lander.  I had primed this portion a while back so I knocked it out here and there over the course of my last day off.
Everything was dry-brushed only.  With one wash.
I sit about 60% with my Trukk squad so I am planning on pushing forward with them and then knocking out something from the Overkill box.  I want to take my time and plan out the Knight so I will probably push that back for a bit.  Thanks for reading!  Don't forget to follow my blog if you haven't.  Feel free to offer any comments or criticisms.  


  1. Looks like someones going to be a busy boy lol good luck with it Mek.

    1. Thanks, Frank. Hopefully not having class will translate to more hobby time!

  2. Replies
    1. :) I have some ideas.... Raiding the bits box already.

  3. Yeah Orks take and convert everything they found ^^ It's a good idea to create 1 or a squad of Ork Knights.