Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LVO Progress Update - Big Mek Stompa Orks

I am so far behind!  I have managed to finish a few things, but I still have a long way to go for this to be painted.  I have found myself cutting a few corners but I am not sure it will be enough.  I have been working on new bases since I am running out of Agrellan Earth.  I have decided to add some flag stones mixed in to the cracked earth.  I finished the 10 Tankbustas and 10 of the Grots.  I needed to do eleven Grots so I forgot one while I was batch coating the base colors.  Photo Dump Ahead.
This is my Tankhammer.


This next one I really like:

Also we have Grots:

Yup I needed 11 not 10!  I also have almost finished the Runtherd that goes with them.  The last thing I finished was my Nob on a bike with a Klaw.

I didn't like the teef so I went back and covered it. 
This is the Badass Ork Biker from Maxmini.  This guy is humongous and I actually bigger than my Warboss.  Just a Nob for me though.  Thanks for checking it out.  For those of you following along at home I still need:

1 Grot and Runtherd
7 Warbikers
9 Lootas
Painboy on a Bike
2 Warbuggies

If I have leftover time I will go back and hit the Stompa with some weathering.  Thanks again!


  1. I love the big bomb on the tankbusters Mek but my but the grot with the marine helmet really gave me a giggle.

    1. Thanks. I love that one too. I saw that head in my bitz box and just had to do it.

  2. The stones are a great addition to the bases, even if they are primarily used to save paint :-) That is one hell of a boom-stick, by the way!