Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Hobby Year in Review

Hello Friends!  This New Year's Eve, as I await to wake up my wife for the countdown, I decided to do a little bit of reflection on the past year in the Hobby.  I have now been involved with 40k for almost two years (in March)!  Time sure does fly.  I have learned a bunch from this wonderful community of bloggers and fellow hobbyists and I know that I still have a long way to ggo to get to the level that I want.

Get ready for some nostalgia as we look back at The Mad Mek's 2015! (Cue Flashback Music)
Close enough to Friday...

January started off with me painting up a large Dark Eldar for my good friend to take to LVO.  He did not have the time so I cranked out about 1650 points give or take, to a three color minimum standard.  I had a huge challenge with this project since the Dark Eldar were all primed with this glossy turquoise primer.  The detail work was hard and the end result was not great at all.  I was just glad that I finished.  30 warriors, 6 Venoms, 5 Raiders or Ravagers (I still mix those up) and the DE fighter.  This took up the entire month.

Bad picture...
February saw me finishing the Dark Eldar, but I was not very happy with the end result.  I still would like to go back and do them some justice with all of the new tricks that I have learned.  I finally had a chance to get back to Orks!  I finished my Kromlech Juggernaut in Mecha Armor.
Oi!  Wurs moi weathrin you git!?!
March was filled up with the IC's Hobby Progress Challenge (which I totally dropped the ball on) where I was committed to doing a squad of Stormboyz.  I did take a break and ended up painting one of my Tiki Kanz

April was rough.  My father committed suicide at the beginning of the month after he was put on hospice care.  It was very hard to get back to anything seeming normal.  One of the most amazing things that came out of that event was the tremendous support and kind words from you, me fellow bloggers and hobbyists.  I really appreciate those of you who took the time to lend me some support. Thank You.  When I got a little more motivated, I built some Mek Gunz, Mad Dok, and knocked out the Dakka-Pod.
Need to work on that freehand!
May was a very empty month for me.  I was just working on the Weirdboyz and the Deff Dread.  As I made it into June I finished two of the Weirdboyz and failed to reach my commitment for the IC's Challenge.  After that, I lost interest in posting there because I wanted to get back to the blog.

 July was family vacation month and we spent time at Legoland and at Disney California Adventures.  My son had a blast (so did I).  On the Hobby Front, I finished my Pink Horrors for my FLGS run summer league.

We represent the lollipop guild!
August saw the completion of the 2014/2015 Hobby To Do List and the start of the 2015/2016 Season.  My new goals were totally focused on the upcoming Las Vegas Open.  I also finished my Bloodletters of Khorne for the summer league.

I am still very happy with these guys
September saw me build 40 Tankbustas for my LVO list.  All of them are either conversions from regular boyz or the Rokkit boyz
In October I knocked out a Trukk and finished the 1st 10 man squad of Tankbustas

November was huge!  I was firing on all hobby pistons.  Mad Dok, Meganobz, Zhadsnark, another Trukk and a Warboss on a bike!

December is already over!  I had some good momentum here as well.  I finished a Big Mek Buzzgob conversion, Grot oilers, a unit of grots with a runtherd, the Big Mek Stompa, , and a few Warbikes.

Belly Gun


Mega Klaw

Eye of Gork (or possibly Mork)
 LVO is coming quick so I skipped the weathering on the Stompa.  I will do it if I have some time.  So a big year of progress!  I still have a bunch of stuff to finish before LVO so I am going to be painting like a madman (a Mad Mek actually).  If any of you readers are going, let me know.  I would love to meet face to face and grab a bite to eat while we talk about the hobby we love.  Again, thanks for all of the support for the past year.  More cool stuff to come!

Oh! In case you were wondering what I have left to do before Feb 3:
Painboy on a bike
Nob with PK on a bike
10 Tankbustas
10 Lootas
11 Grots plus Runtherd
7 Warbikes



  1. Looks like your going to be flat out for the next few months I hope you'll find time to post your work here on your blog Mek.

    Happy Newyear to you mate & all the best for 2016.

    1. Thanks, Frank. I will be knocking out stuff as fast as possible so I might skimp on the posts. Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Good luck with your projects this year, I am always wondering what crazy Ork thing you are going to create next; you had me at Tiki Kanz :-) Take care and best wishes!

    1. Thanks Marc, I have some cool plans after I slog through all of this painting! More Tiki Kanz for sure.