Monday, December 21, 2015

Grots! Grots! Grots!

Hello again!  Welcome to the Shop.  As you may know, I have been painting like a madman trying to get my army ready for LVO in February.  The latest addition to the WAAAGH! is a unit of twelve Grots plus two Grot oilers to go with Big Mek Buzzgob.  Well, this is embarrassing.  I seem to have skipped basing Grot number twelve and the Runtherder.  So here is eleven Grots and some Grot oilers!
Lunk and Nitnuckle, Buzzgob's Grot Oilers

I decided against modeling the Oilers to look like the Forge World kit to save some time.  These are just from the Mek Gunz kit.

All of these guys are pretty basic.  I got the idea for the pink noses from Le Blog de Kouzes which has some amazing painters showcased.

The basing on the Runtherd and the twelfth Grot is drying so I am calling it done.  I also had a chance to work on my Kit-Bashed Lifta Droppa for the Stompa.
What goes up... Goes KERUNCH!
I built it using the original Stompa Deff Kannon as a base.  I removed the barrel and added plastic tubing.  The bits on the end are from the Robo Gear starter box, they are a mixture of vehicle weapons and walker legs.

The base colors are coming along, but I still have plenty of detail to fix up.  I am also working on making the Powerfield Generator to replace the chimneys on the back of the Stompa.  I have an basic idea in mind, but I need to work out the execution.  Any Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed.  Also, please follow my blog to get the latest crazy builds.  I have another practice game tomorrow (today! Wow, it is really late for me) so my list could end up changing a bit.  The Stompa is the linchpin for now so wish me luck!


  1. That Lifta Droppa looks *awesome*. Good luck with your game, I was reviewing my blog posts and realised that I have only played 3 games since the start of 6th Edition :-( I'm going to have to do something about that...

    1. Thanks, Marc. I am happy so far. I have been reviewing your plasma article a bit for some help. You need to play more! Lol. Painting is the most fun for me, but I am lucky to live in an area with a good local scene.

  2. I love grots there like fun fun fun.

    1. :) I am glad they are fun, because I still have a bunch of them to paint!