Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2014/2015 Hobby Season Results

Its that time already!  An entire year has passed and many models have been built and painted.  I have been checking out everyone's progress in the Dave Weston 2014/2015 Hobby Season To Do, and I have been really impressed!  Great job to everyone who is waging war against grey plastic.  The more models we paint the better!  Thank you to everyone that has been following along.  It got a little choppy for me after my father died, but I think I am finally getting back into the swing of things (I know I have said that before!).  Let's check out my list verses what I accomplished:


#1 Was to finish Mad Mek Screwbitz.  I think he came out pretty good.  I have been toying with the idea of updating his Power-Klaw.  DONE!
My favorite picture this year!
#2 Was to make or purchase 3 Weirdboyz.  I actually got 2 of them painted (one is about 75%) so that is a win for me!  DONE!
I am very happy with this conversion

So close to finished!

#3 Complete four squads of 12 Tanksbustas:  Well this was an insane idea.  That is like 48 models!
1,2,3,4,5... Lots

This Tankbusta takes his job really seriously

Tau Parts

Tank Spear!

I finished 40 Tankbustas plus four with Tank Hammers.  Spitting distance, so I will give myself partial credit.  done!

#4 Make 15 more Stormboyz.  I think I made 5 of these but I know that I did not finish.

#5 Was to convert a Big Mek with a KFF on a bike. DONE!

#6 Make 3 more bikerz and one more painboy on a bike.  This is a little weird.  I actually ended up acquiring a collection of bikes so I did not need to make any more.  I never made my 2nd Painboy so I'm going to have to not give myself credit on this one (since I edged in my favor on the Tankbustas).

#7 Finish Scratch Killa Kanz.  I finished three of the 6 that I wanted to make.  Good progress.

#8 Was to build or refurbish 5 battlewagons.... I did nothing on this goal, lol.

I got four out of 8 Modeling goals!  I am very excited!  Plenty of stuff still on my list but I will come up with my new plan at the end of this month.


#1 Was to finish the Gorkanaut.  DONE!

I love the way this thing turned out.  I am actually adding a bit of grease effects using the Typhus Corrosion to the joints.  I looks pretty cool.

#2 Was to Prime everything.  Looking back on it, this was an unrealistic expectation and a little vague.  I have many projects in the works and some things that will be painted in stages so this idea of getting everything primed was not the most logical goal.  Oh well, live and learn!

#3 - 7 A full Green tide. 100 boyz and 4 nobz were the plan.  I only finished one Nob and 11 boyz.  Whoops.  I like the way they turned out.  Boss Nob Grinjaw and his 'Ardboyz.

#8 Paint the Stompa!  I did prime and start the base coat.

So I finished 1 of my painting goals!  I did paint some extra stuff.  After all this list is a guideline and not set in stone.  I actually managed to do quite a bit of painting:

Kromlech Gnaw

Doktor KavOrkian

Kromlech Gnaw #2

Kromlech Orc Juggernaut in Mecha-Armor

Scratch Tiki Kan

Deff Dread WIP


Blue Horror

Awesome Banner of Blood

Pink Horrors


Da Boss

Oh Yeah, I forgot about all of these.

I wish these would have looked way better.  Or rather, I wish I would have had more time.  I know they could be way better.
I feel like I accomplished a lot this year.  I know that I learned a lot especially from all of the awesome people on my blogroll.  I try to check everyone everyday.  Thanks again for all of the support and get ready for another big year in Da Workshop.


  1. ZOMG. Those Tankbusters! Great work this year, I wish I had finished as much stuff as you did. I think the grey plastic is winning the war at the moment. I'm glad you liked the picture, it was fun to make :-)

    1. I had fun putting those together. I'm glad you had fun making that picture. Thanks again for all of your support, Marc. It really helped keep me going.

  2. HAha those tank bustas...i love them. So great! Great job on all the stuff you've finished. Was a joy scrolling down and checking them all out!

    1. Thanks, Greg. I have really enjoyed checking out your website. I love the Rusty Mob you have.

  3. Awesome work this year to you Mad :) and all participants !!
    Next level this year? :)

    1. Thanks, Benjamin. Next level for sure! My first goals will be all about getting ready for LVO. I am pretty set on a list. The Tankbustas are a prominent part. My new goal list will be up soon .

    2. Really good and thaks for the comment on my blog ^^ I'm very exciting for the new year's challenge :)
      I hope to see some beautiful stuff like usual here !