Saturday, July 4, 2015

What I did on my Summer Vacation

I'm back after a long break from work and hobby.  Well, I have worked since my last post... and I did do a little bit of hobby stuff.  I just failed my blog check or something (natural 1!).  I have a lot to cover from the past month so I better get cracking!
Patriotic for the 4th of July?

The family and I went to San Diego, California after a short one night stop in Phoenix.  While in Phoenix, we visited an old friend and had a chance to catch up.  After that it was off to Cali to bask in the sun and do touristy stuff.  I visited Game Empire in San Diego to play an FNM draft and to check out their great 40k displays.  My pictures of the Golden Demon armies on display at the store were rubbish so I decided not to post them.  Oh well.  I also visited Villainous Lair, a fantastic comic shop.  I picked up a copy of Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf in hardback, as well as another Weirdboy model (on sale!).  Game Empire had all sorts of discounted GW product, including Voidraven Bombers for 40% off, which is proof that rules matter.

After my nerd side quests, we spent time at the beach and we went to both Lego-land and Disney California Adventure, which is right next to old school Disneyland.  My son had a blast at both parks and truth be told, so did I.  I had never been to either of those places before and I was absolutely amazed.
Spoils of Legoland
Legoland is big on Minifigs, and kids can trade their figs to any employee who has one.  My son must have traded 9 times and ended up with a strange crew of figs.  The Lego Movie was represented and the Star Wars stuff was incredible.  They have a Death Star that is about as big as a Volkswagon Bettle!

Git'er Done!
Disney was too cool for words. The Cars area was unbelievable.  It looked just like the movie.  What blew me away was the amazing weathering on Mater and all of the old stuff.  I took a page from Greggles over on Feed Your Nerd and snapped some texture pics to help my rust and weathering look better.  All-in-all, it was a great vacation.  Next trip for me is LVO.

Big things for me hobby-wise as well.  My FLGS is holding a summer league with escalating points.  The goal is to get players into new armies so the store donated a troop box and a dedicated transport to each player!  I ended up with two troop boxes since I decided to run Chaos Demons. Now I can actually have the models to summon for my Ork list.  We have 15 players in the league which is a great turn out.  Week one we ran 200 point kill teams, and I had the most fun playing 40k that I have had in a while.  One of the goals is to have the donated portion fully painted by the end of the six week league.  You cannot qualify for top prizes without your army being painted.  So I put away the green paint and started getting down with pink.
Test Model with Instant Coffee base.

    One thing I didn't realize was that Pink Horrors are awful in Kill Team!  No brotherhood of psykers really makes them just sub-par. I used them as meat shields for my bloodletters.  My wife got a kick out of these Demons and decided to paint one herself.

Where is my skin????????
She knocked this out in an hour and the gradient shading on the tongue blew me away (I guess we know who the real painter in the family is).

I also managed to knock out a piece of terrain.  I used some packaging material to make some sort of bunker thing.

Just some texture spray paint and some Earthshade wash.  Not bad for a first try.  I'll keep you posted on the league progress.  I am actually going to get in my 2nd week game after I post this.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Haha! I laughed at the weathering photos. My girlfriend is completely used to me stopping randomly and saying "hold on a second, I have to get a photo of this", then walking up to the most discusting gross looking thing, and snapping a bunch of shots. She actually points out weathering to me now :).

    Glad you had such a great trip. Lego land sounds like a blast!

    1. Legoland is awesome. I loved Legos when I was a kid. I have hard copies of the weathering pictures up in my hobby space to motivate me when I finish the Deff Dread. Demons are taking up all of my time now because of the league. Thanks for the comment.