Sunday, December 21, 2014

From the Ashes... Dakkajet! (or maybe a Blitza-Bommer)

A few months ago, my Dad and I collaborated on a scratch built Dakkajet.

This project was really fun, but there were a few problems.  One, the model was way too big. Two, the model was way to heavy for the base.  These flaws led to the incident.  When my buddy Big M. and I were moving the gaming table, Dad's Dakkjet tumbled onto the floor and broke.  I was pretty bummed when it happened, but adversity breeds triumph.

I decided to take the opportunity to shrink the jet closer to the real model.  Since my wife got me the kit for my birthday I had a better frame of reference.  I won a bid on eBay for a few extra Dakkajet bits so I had some pieces that would help add some missing detail.  The main element of the old project were some toy binoculars I snatched from the lost and found at work.  This would be the core of the new version as well.  I got a chance to use my Dremel to cut the pill bottles down to a better size.  I did realize that I should get some safety goggles before I use it again! Enough talk!  Picture time:

The Bombs are just to get a better angle on the picture.

 I used an old for sale sign that I found in my Mother-in-Law's garage for my plasticard.  I went with a single wing design to add some stability to the model.  I also did my first bit of rivet work!  Very time consuming stuff, it ate up my hour a night for two nights to get all of the rivets done.
WIP (Wings in progress)

Gundam Thrustas go Fasta!
I used the Grot gunner as the pilot for this because I was having a lot of trouble building a cockpit.  I used the Liquid Greenstuff to add a few details and to fill a few gaps.  This is the first time I have used it and it think I can get it to where I want.  I am going to add weld lines to the wings so the extra plates make a little more sense.  I think I might make this one a Blitza-Bommer and add the missiles to the GW kit to turn that into a Burna-Bommer.  Still up in the air at this point.  I am close to hitting the formation from Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf; three Dakkajets, one Burna-Bommer, and one Blitza-Bommer that get to regain their one use weapons whenever they move off the table into ongoing reserve.  Seems really fun.  Once I finish this bits work and prime this guy I will get back to finishing up my Battlewagon.  Thanks for checking it out.  Comments are always welcome.  I read all of them, and take lots of advice.  Don't be afraid to follow my blog! If you have a blog let me know.  I will add you to my blog-roll.  I will try to get one more post in before Chirstmas, but if I don't; MERRY CHRISTMAS! WAAAAGH! 


  1. This smaller version is quite nice, the old one was fine too but it really seems BIG.
    I told my brother a couple of times that we should make at least one Dakkajet, hopefully in the future we will do it, posts like this gave lots of ideas so thanks for sharing!

    I know about rivet work, is a really boring and time consuming but the models gain detail that in my opinion is worthy

    1. You and your brother should definitely do one! You two make such cool stuff I would love to see it. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Very impressive, awesome using of the bitz and scratch :o