Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm still here

OK! New job. Finals. Holidays.  Lots of stuff keeping me from hobby progress.  I have one more final and then I will get some free time to update this blog.  Sorry for being away for so long.  I did pick up some ready made terrain from my new job.  My work involves kids trading tickets for prizes and when I saw these I thought they were perfect.  I'm going to take them down to Big M's Man Room for the next game we play (hopefully Sunday!).  I know he is excited to give the new Blood Angels a try.  Anyway:

These are from the Halo Micro Ops set by McFarlane Toys.  The scale is a bit small, but I got them at cost from work.  The two pieces can be joined together in three different ways.  The tower also has a canopy that can go on top, but I took it off so my son wouldn't accidentally break it.

Great for LOS blocking and to change up our table a bit.  I like how it already has some weathering.  Both kits are come assembled a have some Halo miniatures in the box, but the scale of the figs is way too small.  Thanks for checking it out, and I will get back to some regular postings now that I have gotten settled in at work.  Much Love!


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    1. Thanks! I finished my last final so more will come soon.

  2. That's a cool find, it's good to keep your eyes open for these kinds of things. My Nid board is looking more and more like the inside of a fish tank ;-)

    1. I love pet supply stores, lol. I always have to be careful not to conscript my son's toys.