Friday, March 28, 2014

Kustom Looted Wagon (WIP)

Welcome back to the Workshop!  I have been pretty busy working on a few projects as well as learning how to paint.  Practice makes perfect and boy do I need some practice.  However, the Mek's Waaagh is building momentum and soon I should have a decent sized army.

Last time I told you how I traded the Eldar Codex for a Chaos Rhino and the AoBR Warboss (pro painted).  I had never built a real model before (even as a kid!) and I was excited for the challenge.  It started by following the instructions until I had the base of the Rhino in tact and then I started to Kustomize!

I spent some time looking at images of other looted Rhinos on Google.  That is where I got the idea for teeth.  I did not have any plasticard, so I had to use stuff from the Ork bits box.  I took the basic knives from the kit and cut them to size.

I decided I wanted my Looted Wagon to have two big shootas and a Boomgun because I like the idea of dropping pie-plates on people.  Instead of a traditional mounted gun I thought it would be more Orky to have a guy hanging off the side.  I got the chain from the Chaos bits in the Rhino box and used a lighter to heat and bend them into the right shape.

Next up was the Boomgun.  I wanted something big and silly looking. I was going to use the shell of a dry erase marker but I found this instead:

That is a dowel used to hammer on the hubcaps to my Son's wagon.  Lucky for me it was a perfect fit!  If you seein the picture, I was going to have a gunner and a driver right next to each other but it didn't fit quite right.

I like the detail of the blasted door on the side.

I ended up putting the driver on the top of the Boomgun housing which looks great.  I'll get some more pictures of its current state.  I have finished adding all of the details and primed it.  All I need to do know is learn how to paint and it should look pretty sweet.  In the meantime I am scratch building a couple of things that will have a big impact on the tabletop.  If you have any comments or ideas just let me know.  Thanks for reading!

Last week $52.00

+ more glue $2.00

Total: $54.00

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