Friday, March 21, 2014

Da beginnin'

Like many of you who happen to stumble upon this blog, I am a gamer. I try not to pigeonhole myself into any category; video games, pen and paper RPG's, CCG's, board games, whatever. If it has rules and a way to win I'm down to try it.  Also, like many of you, I have had a difficult time trying to pick one hobby to focus on.  Obviously, games are expensive and unless you fancy eating bread sandwiches for dinner and reading your rules by candle-light you have to make choices on which hobby to go all-in on.  That is why I have stuck with my favorite hobby for many, many years acquiring an impressive collection that rivals some hobby/game stores.  I have been completely devoted to Magic the Gathering and I don't plan to stop.

(breaks squealing)

WTF? What does freaking Magic have to do with 40k? If this is some dumb Magic blog, why do you call yourself the Mad Mek?

 Hold on! I'm just giving some background before I get into the juicy (spikey?) bits.

I recently moved back to my hometown with my wife and child.  In addition to being closer to grandparents, I also got a chance to start hanging out with my closest two friends.  In the past we played everything together, or so I thought. In my time away from home both of my friends sold their Magic collections, went deep into HeroClix, sold those and jumped into 40k.  They went deep into 40k. Complete armies of IG, Spacewolves, Tau, Dark Eldar, CSM, Nids and stuff I still haven't seen yet.  I tried to fight it, I started to build a Cube so we could draft, I brought EDH/Commander Decks. I even got them to play Talisman! These were only mere distractions and could not be sustained.

So I gave in and bought the Eldar Codex since it was one of the only unrepresented armies available to us.

Long story short I read some of it and never really got interested.  I mean, space elves? Not really what I'm into.

Then, my good friend J. gave me this:

A box full of Ork bits that J. got off an auction.  So one night I put together 30 'Ard Boyz with Sluggas and Choppas. Each one is different. I went a little nuts with it and had a FREAKIN BLAST!

I traded my Eldar Codex to my pal Big M. for a Warboss and a Chaos Rhino that I could turn it into a looted wagon.

WIP but now I am inspired! This was the first model I ever built in my life.  I got the bug for Kustom loot.  I have started a few other projects and I want everyone out there to have a blast watching me build Orky stuff from random junk and a box of Boyz bits.

Coming soon I will show you some kit bashing I took to an extreme level as well as progress on the Looted Wagon and a TOTALLY scratch Battlewagon.  When I have a crazy idea I will share it with everyone.  I may not know all of the rules to 40k yet, but I do know that cheap and Orks go hand in hand.  Thanks for reading.

Eldar Codex $50.00
Glue $2.00


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