Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Close Combat Deff Dread finished.

Hello, readers!  I must say that I really maximized my time during spring break.  It was busy at work, but I painted a lot so I could get ahead for the month.  I managed to finish the Deff Dread and I am happy with how he came out.  Here he is:  DA BARBUR!

Oi!  I'm gonna take a lil' bit off da top!

A Wraithkinght sword that I got from a friend inspired this idea.  I have always wanted to do a close combat Dread!  I picked up the axe after I started brainstorming this idea.

He certainly is colorful!  I had a lot of fun practicing my wet-blending on both the sword and the Bloodthirster axe.
I got this idea from the Interwebz
I had chance to run him in two games.  In one he was blown up from behind by deep-striking Scourges with Haywire.  In the other, he got locked in combat with a unit of 20 fleshhounds and was tar pitted from then on.  I am going to put him in the new formation from the Start Collecting Orks! box.  The Pile on Da Pain rule is pretty awesome.
I hear youz wantz a fade?
In other progress, I have been pre-assembling the Deathwatch: Overkill box.  I still need to do about 15 of the Genestealers but it is a long process with lots of gun barrels to drill out.  I also started working on the display tray that I got from TableWar at LVO.  James from the 1 Hour a Night Facebook group has organized a little competition sponsored by TableWar.  We need to work up a display tray and the favorite could win a free display case!  Pretty Sweet!

These are pretty cool.  The metal board allows you to magnetize your models so they stick to the tray.  The washers allow you to have pre-set spaces on the tray so you can add basing to the plate that matches the basing of your army.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Spring Break is over so now I will have to focus on homework instead of painting.  House of Cards just came out and Daredevil season 2 is tonight.  Soooo many distractions.  I plan on making more Trukks and I also want to start on the Ork-Shield Landing Pad.  Lots to do.  Thanks for checking it out.  Comments are always welcome and feel free to follow me.  


  1. Snap Mek as I'm also putting my Deathwatch models together & I'm hoping to get a game in on Saturday, love the dread by the way very characterful.

    1. Thanks, Frank. Good luck with those Genestealers! I want to start painting them before I put them all together since a lot of them are covering their chests with their arms.

  2. This is the greatest deff dread of all time, as he has obviously single handedly looted that sword off a wraithknight!

    1. Lol. Don't forget the Bloodthirstier axe!