Friday, August 28, 2015

The new 2015/2016 Hobby Season is here!

Ahhh!  The new season approaches!  The end of Summer is coming ever closer,  Christmas decorations are already showing up at the major stores, and the string of 100+ degree weather is now nothing but a sweaty memory.  Autumn is coming and there is a sweet smell in the air.  The smell of super glue and acrylic paint that gently wafts on the breeze tells us that a new hobby season is here!

Hello!  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who check out my blog.  For those of you who have just found it, here is a big thanks as well:  THANKS!  Last time, I wrapped up my year in hobby as a part of the Dave Weston 2014/2015 Hobby Season To Do List.  Now it is time for me to make some commitments for the upcoming season.

This list is just a suggestion and not a "must do to feel good about myself".  In the form it is about to take, it reflects how I am feeling in the hobby at the time.  I will do things that are not on the list.  That is okay because, ALL PROGRESS IS PROGRESS!  Yes!  Last time I finished 5 out of my 18 goals and I was very, very happy.  I was very happy to learn a bunch about myself and my hobby this past year.  My friend and fellow blogger, Benjamin Brun, suggested that I take my new list to the "next level".  Sounds like a good idea to me!

Last year I had both painting and modeling goals.  I plan on doing the same thing this time.  However, most of my early season will be geared toward the Las Vegas Open 2016.  LVO is one of the biggest 40k gatherings in North America, and I will be attending this year.  I am probably going to play in the Grand Tournament because of peer pressure from my friends.  I was leaning more toward the friendly.  My friend Zeus was Best Dark Eldar last year and he really wants me to play in the GT.  I really need to practice!  Enough exposition!  On to the list.


1.  Paint the Tankbustas.  My list runs 40 Tankbustas.  4 units of 10 in Trukks.  LVO will have very hard lists and 40 STR 8 AP 3 shots with Tank Hunter is just what my Orks need to fight Super Heavys.  I had these guys shoot a Fire Raptor out of the sky with one round of shooting!  (20 Finished!)

2.   5 Trukks.  My Tankbustas need a way to get around the field, and Trukks are the best thing to get them into position quickly.  4 Trukks go to the Tankbustas while Trukk number five foes to my next init on the list. (2 Finished!)

3.  4 Meganobz with Mad Dok Grotsnik.  This is the flex unit in my list.  I don't know how happy I am with this unit yet.  Or whether I should put the points somewhere else... (Never mind.  These guys are sick!) DONE!

4.  Zhadsnark "Da Rippa"  This is the bike boss from Forge World from Imperial Armor 8.  This guy makes the list run.  I was going to use my Wazzdakka Konversion, but it had an accident involving chemicals that were ment to pull the super heavy red primer off of the model (cry).  So I had to make a new one.  The new one has a better profile and doesn't take up as much room on the table (it is still pretty huge)  DONE!

5.  20 Ork Warbikes.  This includes a Nob with a Klaw, a painboy (which I want to build since I am no longer happy with my last attempt) and a Warboss with a Klaw and the Big Bosspole from the Ghazzy book. DONE!

6.  After that mess,  I plan on slowing down.  Non-LVO goal will be 10 Lootas. DONE!

7.  Another non-LVO: BIG MEK STOMPA! DONE!

8.  My abstract goal will be to finish the half started figures.  This includes Weirdboy #3, Deffdread, some shoota boyz, and a few other odds and ends.

That is a lot of painting to finish by February!


1.  A new painboy on a bike.  This is my only serious bit of modeling to finish before LVO.  I am not too worried about it.  Everything else is a pet project. DONE!

2.  Orkify my Skyshield Landing Pad.  I have a lot of cool ideas for this one.

3.  Finish Dad's Dakkajet.  I just need to do the wing reinforcements on the bottom and the underside rivets.  I also need to pin a flying base that has some weight to it since this jet is a heavy sucka.

4.  Finish all of the Stormboyz that I have in pieces (15 or so).

5.  Finish the last three Tiki Kanz.

6.  Display Board.  I am not sure about this but it has been in the back of my mind for a while.

7.  Big Mek with a Shokk Attack Gun on a freakin' BIKE!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! RELENTLESS!!!! OMG!!!!! Sorry, I have wanted to do this for a while.

8.  Orkjective Markers.  I really want to do some of these.  I have a few ideas and a great piece of material to start from. (3 Done!)

Whew!  That is a good sized list.  The LVO stuff is the most important for me.  I want my army to look as good as I can make it.  Time is an issue, as always, since I still work 50 hours a week and go to the University.  I will try to stick with at least an hour a night (after homework of course).  Wish me luck!  Remember, if you haven't joined you should.  It is free and this group is very supportive.  The Hobby Season is a way to celebrate success and progress.  It is a way for us to share ideas and cheer each other on.  We all love this hobby.  It is great that we can take enjoyment from not only our own goals, but others too.  Pop on over to Dave's site (I have a link at the top and he's in my blogroll under confessions of a 40k addict) and look at the most recent 2015/2016 post.  Drop him a line if you are interested.  He also has the cool badges that you can download and share.  Thanks for checking me out.  Feel free to comment.


  1. Number 7 made me chuckle. I have been waiting to convert a Techmarine with a conversion beamer on an attack bike chassis for exactly the same reason :-) Good luck this year!

    P.S I have to say I am glad to see the end of winter ;-)

    1. Lol. Opposite seasons. Summer is way harder for me to get motivated. My main hobby space isin a walk in closet and the insulation has a significant opportunity, to put it mildly. Have a great summer! You should add the Tech Marine to your list :)

  2. A lot of work to do there Mek the grots will be striking for more pay lol

    Best of luck with it mate.

    1. The beatings will continue until morale improves! Silly Grots. They should know better!

  3. Some cool things there, can't wait to see the Orkified Skyshield, you know me I love a good Fortification. Also nice to see the Free Radical Collective have infiltrated your mind with their 'PROGRESS IS PROGRESS' slogan :)

  4. Warbikes are tough to do (in terms of time), but booooy are the bikers cool! Good luck man, looking forward to all the orky progress!