Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kromlech Juggernaut in Mecha Armor

I love me some Kromlech!  Beautiful models.  While working on my Stormboyz for the IC's Hobby Progress Challenge, I kept looking at the Juggernaut my wife got me a while back.  I had started to paint it but I never finished.  So while I was waiting for a wash to dry on the test model, I finished!

This guy has a massive drill (Power-Klaw) and a Big Shoota.  Much bigger than the old metal Mega-Nobz that I have.  He could definitely stand in for a Warboss.  I went with my Deff Skulls theme and I think he turned out pretty good.
I wish I could have gotten a few better pictures.  I used P3's Pig Iron for most of the metal, with a bit of Brass Scorpion and the last bit of Warplock Bronze (Citadel) I had from the Dark Eldar.  McCragge Blue.
 The details that Kromlech puts into their models is absolutely amazing.  I have the Gnaws and now this guy.  I am going to get more from them.  Now the best of the rest of the pics.  This post has taken me longer than I thought.  At least I got two good pictures.  Thanks for checking it out.  My Stormboy test model will be out soon.



  1. Mek I've got to say that imo that ork looks as good as any I've ever seen from GW even if they do look all the same to me lol keep up the good work mate.

  2. Kromlech do some awesome, characterful, work for Orks and this guy is no exception. He reminds me a bit of Big Daddy from Bioshock, but shootier... and greener ;-) Great job!

  3. The kromlech juggernaughts make the normal mega nobz look weedy and tiny. I feel they are fantastic as nob leaders for normal mega nobz groups. Easy to know whose da boss!

    Have you seen the actual warboss model? He's about the size of a deff dread!