Monday, November 17, 2014

7th Edition Ork Battle Report vs Dark Eldar (More LVO practice)

When I last played against my friend Zeus, I posed the question: How will you deal with Imperial Knights?  This question prompted me to build an 1850 point list with my Stompa so he could get some practice.  Carnage Ahead!
'Ere we go!

Here is the list (1850 Orks):
Great Waagh! Detachment

Big Mek, Power Klaw, Warbike, Mega Force Field, Cybork Body, Warlord trait; Kunin' but Brutal
Burna Boyz (x2) three upgraded to Meks to ride inside the Stompa
Boyz (x11) Trukk, 'Eavy Armor, Nob with Bosspole and Klaw
Boyz (x11) Trukk, 'Eavy Armor, Nob with Bosspole and Klaw
Fast Attack 
Deffkopta (x2) Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha
Deffkopta (x2) Twin-linked Rokkit Launcha
Lootas (x8)
Lootas (x8)
Mek Gunz (x4) Lobba, Ammo Runt (x3)
Stompa, Grot Riggers
So when I got there, I showed Zeus my list and asked him if he had thought of a way to deal with Knights:
If you can't beat 'em...
Knights are desperate allies with Dark Eldar...  That's one way to do it I suppose.  Zeus wins the die roll. BAO mission 4, Vanguard deployment. No night fighting on turn 1. Here is the rest of his deployment:

So much poison!
Most of his vehicles were on my left.  So I deployed my ranged units away from him in ruins and put my Trukks and Stompa in the middle.
Whoops! I left a Trukk at home so I had to use one of my Wagons

Scratch-built Mek Gunz (Lobbas)
 I forgot to roll for Tellyporta' Strike but I did seize the initiative (2nd time in two games with Zeus)!  Dakka Time!

Trukks Rush Forward!

I managed to kill one Venom with a unit of Deffkoptas for First Blood.  My Stompa finished off a Ravager and clipped a Venom which my Lootas finished off.  I rolled doubles on the second shot of my Supa-Gatla and was now out of ammo!  I had my boyz in position to claim objective one for the modified Maelstrom portion of the mission.  Zeus did not accomplish much during his turn one due to the crazy amount of jink saves he rolled during my shooting phase.  He took out two Deffkoptas. He also stripped two hull points off of the Stompa, and he did liquefy my Trukk with his Knight's melta-gun.

Turn 2 is where things started to get rough for me.  I used my Deffkoptas to get some free shots on the Knight from behind its Ion shield, but failed to glance!  My shooting was pretty ineffective from everything else as well, I managed to put a few glancing hits on almost everything, but nothing was destroyed.  I did regain the lost hull points on the Stompa, putting it back at 12.  I sent the unit of 'Ard Boyz to assault the knight hoping I would get lucky on the stomp table and wanting to strip a few hull points with my Klaw.  I also made a HUGE positioning mistake... actually I made two.
Uh Oh!
I tried to drive my Trukk behind the Knight to get closer to his vehicles and objective 3.  I got too close, when the Knight resolved his Stomps on the foot unit, he clipped the Trukk and it exploded.  My unit inside made their pinning test but lost a few units.  The other mistake I made was moving my Stompa away from the terrain features he was next to.  This allowed Zeus to draw line of sight to my Warlord who was hugging behind the Stompa.  Out of nine wounds I failed two (I forgot my Warlord trait!) and just like that, no more 4+ Invul from shooting.  Zeus pressed his advantage.
Jet from reserves
The unit of 'Ard Boyz in the middle took some shots from the Ravagers and ended up failing their morale test.  
   The jet came on and fired into the Stompa taking off one hull point (11).  Both Knights fired at the Stompa and only managed to do one hull point as well (10).  This is where the mistake I made came in.  I should have stayed where I was so my Warlord would have had better cover from shooting.  The only thing that would have been able to draw line of sight would have been the jet.  Also, if I would have stayed in terrain, the Knights would have gone at the same initiative as me.  One Knight Charged in, the other failed its charge distance!  The Stompa took one more hull point from the Hammer of Wrath attack (9) and Zeus got two hits.  He rolled a one... and then a six!  On the D-weapon chart that gives him D6+6 Hull points.  He rolled a 3,  The Stompa went BOOM!  The blast scattered back onto his Knight! I rolled for D-weapon Damage and got a... 1. 

We called it after that since I only had a handful of Lootas and the Mek Gunz left.  Not enough to deal with the Knights.  Dark Eldar and Knights is about as fluffy as an iron bar, but tournament play is a different animal.  Now I need to ask myself, How am I going to beat Knights?  I think a bunch of Tankbustas might do the trick.

Oh!  I have been making some Mek Gunz from the Robogear stuff I got.  Here is a closer look:
The black one is cardboard and a Skylanders toy.
Thanks for checking it out!  Comments are more than welcome and feel free to follow me!


  1. Nooooo Not the stompa :(. LVO GT or LVO Friendly/beer hammer? If its not GT, you can take a custom stompa :).

    1. Honestly, that was a pretty lucky roll. I'm working on a new list to really try to push him. He is playing in the GT. I am hoping that he does well. Thanks for checking it out.