Friday, October 31, 2014

7th Edition Orks versus 7th Edition Dark Eldar (LVO Practice)

My friend Zeus is getting ready for the Las Vegas Open (LVO) and wanted to try out a few things from the new Dark Eldar Codex.  I haven't been able to play for a while so I jumped at the chance to unload some dakka into the spiky elves.
WARNING! Blurry phone photos inbound!

In my humble opinion, Nob Bikerz are one of the best things in the new Ork codex, especially with a painboy in the group. Here is the list at 1850 points.

Painboy - Warbike
Warboss - Warbike, Power Klaw, Da Finkin' Kap, Bosspole

Nobz x10 - Warbike, Waaagh! Banner, Power Klaw x2, One is Boss Nob with Big Choppa and Bosspole
Tankbustas x6 - 1 Tankhammer, One is Boss Nob; Trukk with Rokkit Launcha and Reinforced Ram

Boyz x20 - Choppas, One is Boss Nob with Bosspole
Boyz x20 - Choppas, One is Boss Nob with Bosspole
Gretchin x10 - Runtherd

Fast Attack
Dakkajet - Extra Supa Shoota, Flyboss

Battlewagon - Rokkits x4, Reinforced Ram
Battlewagon - Rokkits x4, Reinforced Ram
Lootas x10

Aegis Defense Line - Quad Gun

Warlord Trait
Tactical #2 - Night Vision. No roll for night fighting
Tactical #4 - +1 Seize, re-roll reserves 

Zeus was running a CAD and the Raiders from Realspace.  He also proxied three of the Reaper from FW.

BAO mission #6 Crusade and Modified Maelstrom
Dark Eldar deploy first
On the Sky-shield (The HQ is under it next to an objective)

Spam?  Spam tastes good!

The one without sails is the FW Reaper
Ork Deployment
Sam Kro

Oh! a WIP Battlewagon!

Grots on a Quad Gun!
Turn one I seized the initiative and got to go first which was very good for me because of the aggressive Dark Eldar depoyment.
Tankbustas looking for First Blood! Two Rokkit hits . . . two ones for damage :(

Bikez rush forward and make a Venom Jink . . . no damage :(
So I got two Venoms to jink and moved up my team.  I got First Blood with combined fire from my Quad Gun and Lootas on one of the Ravagers (Raiders?) on top of the Skyshield.
The unbuilt scourges take the hill!

Turtle Time!
Zeus decides to huddle up around his sky-shield to use his amazing range.
At this point the pictures will be more sporadic as I started really focusing on the game.  Ork turn two!

I call my Waagh! this turn an assault the Reaper with my Tankbustas.  I use Melta-bombs and my Tankhammer.  Zeus made every one of his flicker-field saves.  FAIL!  My Dakkajet came on and smoked a different Reaper

For the Dark Eldar's turn two, Zeus poured 51 poison shots into my Nobz and only managed 2 wounds.  4 + with a 5+ FNP is good!  The DE planes came onto the field and took out my Dakkajet.  I lost one Battlewagon to Haywire from the scourges,  but it was next to my objective 2, and I lost my Tankbustas to venom shooting.  Moving into turn 3!

Almost got it with the Quad-Gun...

 I send my Boyz to go deal with the HQ.  There is a weird loophole in the RAW that allows you to take a 10 point HQ from the Archon's Court without taking an Archon.  I'm pretty sure it will be FAQ'd but it didn't really matter to me as I smoked the Warlord with slugga fire.

For the Sharp Elves they managed to wipe out more of my Nobz and half of my Lootas.  I was making morale and pinning checks like a Boss and I only rolled on the Mob Rule chart one time all game.

Lootas in Ruins.  Lootas were great all game.

A "Tactical Regrouping"


The truck is still alive on turn 4!
Here is where things really start to go south.  I got aggresive and sent out my boss to keep the elves off of their objective 2, and ending up getting shot off the table by Venoms.  His plane took out my Quad Gun and the two Scourges finished off my Battlewagon. At the bottom of turn four I was left with 10 Grots, 12 Boyz, and 5 Lootas versus 3 Venoms (One with warriors), a five man warrior squad on foot, Two Reapers, both planes, and two Ravagers (Raiders?)

However, I was leading Secondary and We were tied on Primary and Tertiary.  I used my Lootas to shoot off the Venom contesting my objective 1 behind my Aegis line and the explosion caused a test which the warriors failed.  Then we realized that we forgot Power from Pain and that ended my chance for the upset.

It was a really fun game against the new Dark Eldar, this is the second time I played against the Evil Elves since their new book, but my first time playing against Zeus.  I want to get in a few more games as he tests things out for LVO.  Next time I'll probably take my Stompa.  Thanks for checking it out.  Comments are welcomed and appreciated!


  1. I hate Nob bikers so much ;-)

    Sounds like a fun game, but a tough Dark Eldar force to beat. I have to admit I have never played against them (having played when 2nd Ed. was in full swing, I actually prefer to deny they even exist...).

    1. Unfortunately, I am unable to deny the existence of Dark Eldar. Two of my friends play with the army. Thanks for checking it out.

  2. I not up to speed these days with 40k but didn't these 2 armies just get new dex ? anyway I see from you trying to get first blood that you roll dice's like I do mate LOL

    1. Dark Eldar is the newest 40k codex. Orks is really new as well. I have horrible dice luck, but it's good for making morale checks! Thanks for the comments.

  3. Great my friend ! Need to see how turns yours BatteWagons :)

    1. That new wagon I'm working on has so much strange stuff. A lot of it comes from a Robogear starter box I picked up for cheap on eBay. It will get its own post soon. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Waiiiit....Mad are you going to LVO????

    1. No, unfortunately, I'm not. Two of my friends are going. I'm planning a family vacation to Disneyland this year and that is going to take up my vacation budget (and then some ). I'll get to a big event eventually.

    2. Hey, you can go if you really wanna!

    3. Yeah reading that response makes it seem like I don't want to go to Disneyland ...Not my intention! Sorry, Honey :)

    4. Lols, you're so cute. :D But you should plan a vacay for yourself. There's a cruise with Sanderson next Sept. If your Orks arent painted by then.

    5. Sweet! Gotta love the Wife's blessing on a solo nerdcation. Maybe ...Adepticon? Thanks, Bears!

  5. I love the dark eldar, although I have yet to have a game with the new dex (so will withhold my opinion on it). Sounds like a fun game :). I am jealous of you Americans and your LVO, Nova and the like. We Brits need something like those too

    1. I think that the new dex is really good. Deepstriking Venoms is serious business. I can't wait to go to a big event. Maybe my army will be painted by then....just have to quit buying stuff.