Monday, July 21, 2014


ERP!  The Mad Mek is getting pretty overwhelmed with all of the projects that need to be completed.  Every time I turn around it seems like I have half started or half finished a project.  7th edition and the new Codex have only added to the distractions.  New units!  New Tactics! New Load outs! WAAGH!

It is hard to know where to start let alone reach the broad goal of  "Cool Looking Army" without some sort of organized plan.  I have decided to try to use the blog to help me organize my goals in order or priority.

The part of the hobby I love the most is Scratch Building.  I really enjoy turning old toys into new ones.  I also feel good about recycling ^.^  After that the models the GW puts out are incredible and a real joy to work with.  My Stompa was very fun to build and makes me glad that I splurged on it.  Kit bashing GW models into Orky goodness gets my motor running.  Painting comes next on my enjoyment scale but that has to do with my desire to make the models look good and my inexperience.  I still need to learn how to do bases and I need to organize my hobby supplies.

It has a tongue?  Doh!

SO here are my goals for the next couple of months:

1.  Paint and complete Gorkanaut.
2.  Add Bosspoles to Nobz with correct load out.  (Need some basic choppa Nobz as well as PK Nobz)
3. Scratch build 5 Lobbas
4.  Paint 20 Boyz (Going to do them in batches of 20 to keep my sanity)
5. Kustom Stormboyz (I picked up one kit but 5 is way to few to have on the table)

Once I knock something off the list I will add something to it to replace.  I have a huge amount of work to do including:

Paint Wagonz
Paint Stompa
Paint Dakkajets
Fix Dakkajet number 2 (it fell off the table!)
Assemble/paint Weirdboy
Paint lots of Boyz/Nobz/Lootas/Grotz/Bikerz
Build 4 more Grot tanks
Kustom MANz (Need to get bases or build some)
Finish Scratch Killa Kanz
Paint Deff Dreds
Finish Orky Aegis

WOW! lots of stuff.  I will concentrate on the 1st 5 things and then add some other stuff to the pool.  Feel free to suggest where I should focus my attention.  I will get better about logging my step by step progress in the Blog.  As you can see I have lots of painting to do so I want to finish painting some things before I build new things to paint. Good thing I enjoy this hobby ^.^

I did knock out some wrecked vehicle markers.  I got the idea from a tutorial that you can find here

(How am I supposed to ever play this game with all of the work I need to do? ^.^)

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