Saturday, July 12, 2014

7th Edition Orks Battle Report

Sorry for the overdue post.  I was getting ready for a tournament at my FLGS and needed to find the time to build a few things.  I picked up the new Ork Codex as well as the WAAGH! Ghazghkull Supplement recently and I wanted a chance to play with my new goodies.

My first impression of the new book was pretty low but that is mainly due to the fact that I LOVED Deff Rollas in the last Codex.  I have four Kustom Battle Wagons all with Rollas that are not really worth it in the new addition.  My other big issue was the omission of the Looted Wagon!  Looted Wagons are a very fluffy and iconic Ork vehicle and players come up with amazing Kustomizations. I know we have it in the White Dwarf but it should have had a place in the new Codex.  Other than that I have no problem with the new Rules, even the new Mob Rule.

The tournament at my FLGS was 2000 points "No Preservatives" 40k.  The only thing not allowed was Unbound lists.  So that meant plenty of Forge World, LoWs and Fortifications.  I really wanted to play with some new things and I eventually settled on this list:

Combined Arms Detatchment (C.A.D.)
HQ Painboy (Stock)
HQ Mek (Stock)
Troops Gretchen x 10 (Runtherd)
            Gretchen x 10 (Runtherd)
Fast Attack Storm Boyz x 5 (Boss Nob Stock)
Lord of War Stompa (Stock)

Aegis Defense Line (Quad Gun)

"Green Tide"
Warboss (Warlord, 'Eavy Armor, Big Bosspole)
Boyz x 100 (Boss Nob x 6 with Power Klaw, Boss Nob x 4 (Stock))

Game 1

I loose the die roll and deploy second.  I use the Stompa to shield the Green Tides advance.  My Quad Gun is set up on my left flank in a decent position to tag anything on the board with the Grots right next to the Aegis.  The first mission is Purge the Alien so I hide my Stormboyz out of sight to not give up the easy kill point.  My opponent was playing a boat load of Forge World stuff that I don't really recognize.

Gerantius and a bunch of Armor.  So on turn 1, my Stompa goes down to 4 hull points as every weapon that could even glance it was fired.  On my turn I managed to destroy a Rhino carrying my opponents Warlord for First Blood.  My big mistake came from charging into Gerantius with my Stompa in hopes of this exciting battle between to giant metal monsters.  On the bottom of turn one my Stompa was blown sky high.  Needess to say, I was worried.

Uhhh...Where da Stompa go?
I charged into Gerantius with my Supa Mob to try and take him out with embedded Klawz.  After two rounds, the Boyz were victorious over the Knight.  This was a very Narrative little sequence as the Sanctus Reach set is coming soon.

Dead by the Handful!

After defeating the Titan, The big Mob charged across the board to wipe the command squad and the FW Tank   Boyz were dying by the handful but the Green Tide was an amazing unit.  I attached the Painboy and took a Big Bosspole on my Warlord to help the unit with a 5+ FNP and Fearless.  The Stompa drew all of the attention the entire tournament exploding on turn 1 my first game and turn 2 second game.  I managed to win 7-6 in the first round and got smoked in games 2 and 3.  My biggest problem wa not being able to split up and capture objectives.  In Kill points it is an impossible task for your opponent since they cant score any points from the Tide until the entire unit had been destroyed.  All in all it was a fun time and I finally had a chance to use my Stompa.  Thanks for reading.

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