Sunday, May 7, 2017

Looted Ork Imperial Knight - TO DONE!

With another semester in the books, I am finally able to devote some time to my poor blog.  Da Mek has been busy, but I have managed to do a few hobby related things.  One of my goals this year was to finally get around to looting my Imperial Knight.  We had a local GT (more on that next post) which served as perfect motivation to squeeze in hobby between bouts of homework, work, family and a demanding lab.  My first goal was to make a nice base that fit in with the rest of my army.

My buddy had an old recast wing to a Thunderhawk that he gave me to turn into some terrain.  I felt like it was a perfect bit of detail to go on the base.

I decided to start with the legs.  I magnetized the torso joint and left most of the assembly separate to make it easier to paint.  As I mentioned in the teaser, I wanted my Knight to be the looted version of Gerantius so I took that concept and just started plastering bits all over the place.

Never skip leg day, Bro.
I attempted some freehand on the lower banner with some success.  Still a bit fatter than the original, but some weathering will cover that up.

I had finished the legs before I had even considered Orking up the main body.  I dove into my bitz boxes like Mek possessed!  Gork (or Mork) had blasted me with inspiration.

Gettin' some Dakka
I used the leftover weapons from my Big Mek Stompa conversion to really give it an Orky feel.  Once I was satisfied with the primary loadout, I switched to the shoulder pads and canopy.

I used a leftover Trukk driver as a pilot and drilled in some tusks from the Battlewagon and Deff Dread kits.  For the other side, I wanted a gun platform so I could "counts as" the various carapace weapons available to Renegade Knights.

Now that I had all of the necessary Dakka, I needed a face that would truly bring this monster to life.  I used the Morkanaut face with a Deff Dread jaw to achieve the desired look.

A face only a Mother could love!
By this point I was in a mad rush to finish before the GT so my WIP pics dry up.  I did finish except for some weathering and a few details on the Rokkits.  People seemed to really enjoy the model and a lot of pictures were taken of it at the GT.  Unfortunately, I only snapped one (well only one clear shot of the Knight)!

Sir Krumpius, Da Green Knight!
I will probably go back and add some rust and such, but for now I am calling him finished.

With this project out of the way, I find myself a bit overwhelmed.  I have roughly four weeks until the summer term, and I have no idea where to place my hobby focus!  My FLGS is running a summer Shadowar: Armageddon campaign so I could paint up a new Nob and some Yoofs.  I also need to finish assembling my Age of Sigmar Start Collecting box (Orks of course).  I need to paint my own Warboss since I got rid of my old one.  I have to knock out some Meganobz.  There is a small local tournament coming up, but I don't know if 8th edition will come out before then so I am hesitant to work on a list.  Feel free to give me some suggestions!  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for checking in on me after such a long absence.  Next Time:  The Nowhere GT!


  1. Finish Age of Sigmar! For the greater good.

  2. Great use of bits, this Orky knight is awesome Mad :)

    1. Thanks, Benjamin! I am pretty pleased with how everything came together.

  3. That's a nice base good start Mek.

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