Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dark Eldar update (test warrior)

LVO is rapidly approaching and I have a lot of spiky space elves to get painted.  The bright turquoise primer has been a bit of a challenge to work with but I think I have figured it out.  Definitely an interesting project so far.  Here is the test model.  I think the process will go much faster now.  I plan of having 15 warriors done by the weekend.  Thanks for checking it out.


  1. 15 done by the weekend ? I must get you to start painting for me mate.

    1. Exactly! If it was me, I would be saying 15 done by Easter! Nice job with the turquoise, you added some nice depth without dulling it down.

    2. Ambitious! These guys are a pain. I should have at least 10 done by Sunday night. I'll really need to push to get all 15. I have 5 mostly done. Just a few details to pick out. Thanks for the support